• Recently Thurstons Funfairs opened in the Cambridgeshire town of Huntingdon

    Located on the Hartford Road Carpark there was a good selection of attractions.

    Headlining the fair taking the centre ground was William Thurston’s Supreme Waltzer built by Fairtade Services. The impressive looking machine had recently had its bottom shutters done.

    James Harris was also present at the fair with his Dodgems located at the back of the ground while facing the Waltzer his stunning Joker Miami was getting some attention from the local teenagers.

    The final large machine in attendance was William Stocks unique Twister featuring a sloping floor, backflash and front queue line.

    Huntingdon funfair also featured a good range of supporting attractions including catering serving hot and cold food, two fun houses, helter skelter, plus dozens of games and juveniles for younger visitors.

    The Funfair in Huntingdon ran from the 16th to the 19th March 2023

    Huntington Funfair 2023
  • Currently open until Sunday 2nd of April is Peterborough Mart open on Pleasure Fair Meadow close to the city centre.

    The Peterborough Mart is one of the largest fairs in the Eastern Counties and continues to be a popular annual event on its historic site.

    The cheap nights where rides start from just £1.50 per person are every Thursday night and are very popular with the locals

    You can checkout this video of Peterborough Mart which was filmed last Saturday afternoon.

    Peterborough Mart 2023
  • Escape to Fun Island is the biggest fun fair on this week in the UK.

    After thousands visited Escape to Fun Island over the half term organizers have given the massive fun fair an extra weekend.

    Escape To Fun Island will re-open Friday 24th of February for one final weekend.

    Opening times are
    Friday 24th February 2023 – 5pm – 9th
    Saturday 25th February 2023 – 1pm – 9pm
    Sunday 26th February 2023 – 1pm – 9pm

    Fore more information visit

    Escape to Fun Island Website


    Escape to Fun Island Facebook

    (Escape To Fun Island | Blackburn | Facebook

  • The Street Fighter ride has been a massive success for Technical Park over the past 20 years with over 50 in operation all over the world.

    The Street Fighter travels on one trailer, builds up without a crane and does not require a water ballast

    In 2010 Technical Park introduced a looping version of the Street Fighter – the Street Fighter Revolution.

    The Street Fighter Revolution is currently one of the hottest rides in the U.S right now with several heading there over the past couple of years with more due in 2023.

    The Technical Park Street Fighter in action

    You can find out more on the Street Fighter and Technical Park at their website

    Technical Park Amusement Ride

  • Did you know there were three versions of the Move It?

    All three versions opened in the British Isles

    You can find out more in this video below

    The history of the KMG move it rides in the British isles

    There are no Move It’s traveling in the British isles now but Adventure Island at Southend should be getting theirs back soon after being refurbished at Tivoli Rides UK

    When it reopens it will be the only Move It operating in the British Isles.

  • For a short time there were two examples of this spectacular KMG ride travelling around the UK & Ireland. Th first was Equinox owned by Billy Crow while the second was Tango owned by Perrin Matthews.

    You can checkout this video on both those rides and their history here

    Equniox vs Tango!

    Both machine’s did many of the major fairs but they also opened on the same ground together at Hull and Newcastle!

    They both did other large fairs including Nottingham Goose Fair and Kirkcaldy Links Market.

  • Jimmy Gooch presented his attractive Euro Wheel at a Loughborough for the first time.

    The attractive bright colourful wheel really stood out in the late autumn sun while it’s colour changing lights looked spectacular at night.

    The 15m model of the wheel stands 50 feet high and proved popular with the family crowd.

    The 18 Ton ride travels on one trailer abs can be set up with two staff in 2 – 3 hours making it perfect for events and fairs where a quick build up time is required.

    The Euroeye is also idea private hire functions where the wheel can be set up for a single day event if required.

    The Euroeye features 8 brightly coloured gondolas which seat four riders each. These are fitted with seatbelts for small children and have locked doors.

    The Ferris wheel has mainly travelled around the Midlands area calling in at many famous fairs this season.

    Euro Eye at Loughborough
  • The traditional season end fair in Loughborough couldn’t have asked for better weather this year with perfect mild autumn weather with bright sunny days and mild dry nights.

    It is just as well as Loughborough features more machines than ever in recent years with over 30 large rides filling the streets of the town centre.

    William Warwicks The Storm which was on its first season on the road won the Loughborough Fair Trophy and was also proving popular with the locals many of which may remember Sea Storm which was popular here for years.

    Other highlights included Stanley Reeves JNR’s Atmofear, Dane Crows Exciter, Billy Crows King Frog, Farrar Shaws Fighter and many others in attendance

    Loughborough Fair 2022

  • Not been out for a few years – Henry Evans KMG Experience – Reflex.

    I do believe the ride has been going around in the yard at some point and is still up for sale.

    Some one ride that’s currently not on out fairs to a fair that isn’t in our calendar anymore.

    Bolsover Street Fair used to attract some big machines in its time despite its size of the fair and the town.

    In the new times I went I saw along with Henry Evans Reflex before that his Techno Power, Elliott Halls Too Buzz 2 was quite a scoop, Whiteleggs took their KMG Speed X-treme before they became common while David Wallis took the Ali Baba while the Sea Storm also went once.

    Belper was a great little street fair that often attracted something new, different or spectacular to what is a small fair thanks to its placement in the calendar after the biggest fairs of the backend run but before the bonfire fairs really got going a week later.

    Henry Evans KMG Experience – Reflex at Belper Fair in action
  • Worlds Fair – November 2922 edition

    The latest issue of the Worlds Fair is now out and features a photo of the opening of Nottingham Goode Fair which was back for the first time since 2019.

    The fair was held for 10 days – the longest Nottingham Goose Fair in history. after years of being the shortest duration of the big three English fairs it was now the longest of the three.

    To find out on how Nottingham went this year you can subscribe to the Worlds Fair or a print edition posted to your door or an electronic version emailed to you every month

    Worlds Fair Newspaper


    Nottingham Goose Fair Facebook Page

    Nottingham Goose Fair Facebook Page